We are excited to announce that LinuxFest Northwest 2020 is virtually open! Presenters are submitting videos which we are posting to our YouTube channel, and we’ve opened up discussion forums to do Q&A with our presenters! Since we’re going virtual, we’re also extending LFNW(virtual)2020 beyond the weekend - through May 10 for now - to give presenters more time to make & share content… so check back regularly for updates.

So, how can you get in on LFNW(virtual)2020?

COVID-19 has been a real bummer for us. LFNW is 100% volunteer run, and for the months leading up to the Fest we operate as a well-oiled machine following a path we’ve worn over the last 21 years. Grinding that machine to a halt, backup up, and changing course was not easy for us. Processing refunds for individual sponsors, making arrangements with corporate sponsors, and most importantly, figuring out how to maintain our mission of bringing educational open source content to the community. Now that we’re there, it’s time to give some thanks:

  • Our presenters have been exceptionally helpful, and I’m appreciative of each and every one who is working to submit content. THANK YOU for adapting and sharing.
  • 30% of our Individual Sponsor & Supporter ticket sales was donated directly to the Fest. THANK YOU for your generosity.
  • 85% of our Corporate Sponsors have elected to stay invested in LFNW, and will be sponsoring LFNW2021. THANK YOU for sticking with us.
  • Our volunteer team has been creatively working to make things happen for LFNW, while still adapting to “life during pandemic”. THANK YOU for your extra efforts.